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Warranties & Returns

Divine Lighting guarantees all products for the period stated in the product description, subject to the following terms and conditions.

Part 1: Replacement Lamps, Part 2: Other Items, Part 3: All Items

Part 1: Replacement Lamps

Part 1.1 Replacement Lamps Manufactured by Divine Lighting, including units containing Light Emitting Diodes (LED's)

  • Lamps are guaranteed to last for the number of hours stated or for 6 months from date of purchase, whichever transpires first.
  • Lamps that expire before their rated life may be returned for a pro-rated refund, provided that less than 6 months has elapsed from the date of purchase.
  • For example, a 1000 hour lamp that lasted 500 hours, may be returned for a 50% credit.
  • Damage to any product due to abuse or improper handling voids the warranty.
  • Examples of improper handling include, but are not limited to
    • the moving of a lamp while it is hot
    • the improper installation of a lamp
    • failure to clean the lamp properly before operating it
    • improper functioning of the fixture in which the lamp is installed
    • power surges, brown outs, black outs, or spikes
    • acts of God
Part 1.2 Lamps Not Manufactured by Divine Lighting (Philips, Osram, GE, Ushio, Eiko, etc.)
  • If the product is defective it may be returned within the first 30 days after purchase for a refund or exchange.
  • If the product fails after the 30 days from the date of purchase, please contact the manufacturer.
Part 2: All Items Excluding Lamps (including stage lighting items)
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty: Divine Lighting offers a full parts and labor warranty for one year from shipping date.
  • This warranty covers defects due to the manufacturing process and does not cover damage due to improper installation, improper usage, or acts of God.
  • All warranty work and replacement parts are to be supplied by Divine Lighting.
  • Items may only be returned within 30 days of receipt for a refund, less any credit card or shipping charges as listed below..
  • Any items returned for a refund that are missing any parts or accessories or original packing materials are subject to a 15% restocking fee, plus the cost of the missing items.
  • At any time less than 365 days from the shipping date, non-lamp merchandise may only be returned for repair or replacement, per the discretion of Divine Lighting.
  • The customer will pay shipping charges for merchandise sent to Divine Lighting; and Divine Lighting will pay the shipping charges for the merchandise to be returned to the customer.
  • Divine Lighting may substitute any returned item for another of comparable value and kind.
Part 3: All Items
  • We do not recover credit card processing fees when we refund your money. Therefore, for all credit card refunds, 5% of the purchase price will not be refunded.
  • Any customers returning items without all of the original packing materials will be assessed a 10% repacking fee.
  • Any customers returning items without all parts will be assessed the value of those parts.
  • Shipping charges will not be refunded. If free shipping was used, 10% of the purchase price will not be refunded to cover our shipping costs.
  • At the discretion of Divine Lighting, refunds may be issued in the form of store credit.
  • The shipping service used for replacement parts will be at Divine Lighting's discretion. At the customer's expense, the replacement shipment may be upgraded.
  • Divine Lighting is not responsible for any damage that may happen to a lighting fixture when a Divine Lighting product is installed in it.
  • Divine Lighting is not responsible for any damage to person or property due to the improper use or installation of any Divine Lighting product.
  • Divine Lighting reserves the right to refuse any return or refund if Divine Lighting deems that the product failure was not due to a manufacturing defect or that the customer has acted in a way that is dishonest.
  • Divine Lighting assumes no responsibility for personal injury or damage to equipment nor any other damage if both the instructions on this page and the instructions included with the product and the manufacturer's instructions are not followed in their entirety.